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Black History Month
February and March are filled with wonderfully diverse celebrations throughout the world. 
Day Event Cultural
All Month Black History Month United States
1 National Freedom Day United States
2 Groundhog Day United States
10 Lunar New Year China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and Singapore
Lincoln's Birthday
United States
13 Mardi Gras United States and Worldwide
14 Valentine's Day United States and Worldwide
14 Ash Wednesday Worldwide by Many Communities
14 Lent (begins) Worldwide by Many Communities
Washington's Birthday
United States
19 President's Day United States
24 Magha Puja Buddhist
Day Event Cultural
All Month Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month  
All Month Irish American Heritage Month Irish roots and history celebrated in the United States. 
All Month National Women's History Month Celebrating the contribution of women to our history. 
8 Maha Shivratri Hindu 
8 International Women's Day Celebrating the achievements and contributions of women worldwide.
10 Daylight Savings Time (begins) Spring Forward 
9 - 11 Ramadan Islamic
17 St. Patrick's Day A celebration of Ireland's Patron Saint that has become a celebration in the United States and around the world. 
19 Vernal Equinox  
21 - 27 Neurodiversity Celebration Week A worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.
23 - 24 Purim A Jewish holiday celebrated around the world. 
25 Holi Hindu Festival of Colors
29 Good Friday Celebrated worldwide. 
31 Cesar Chavez Day United States - Celebrating the legacy of Cesar Chavez.
31 Easter Celebrated worldwide.