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ATTENDANCE HOTLINE: 1-858-676-6565 - Available 24 Hours

Attendance Email: [email protected] - Available 24 Hours       

Only Parents or Legal Guardians may call or email to excuse absences/tardies or authorize early release. 

Please do not leave Attendance Messages regarding absences, tardies, or early release on the Welcome Center main line.



Please include the following information for absences, tardies, and early release: 
  • Student First and Last Name
  • Student Grade and LED
  • Reason for the absence(s)
  • Your full name & relationship to the student
  • Best phone number to contact you (the parent or guardian).
The Attendance Hotline and the Attendance Email are checked routinely throughout the day. For planned absences, tardies, or early releases due to appointments or for other reasons, please notify D39C Attendance in advance. If you'd like to include your student's LED when emailing the Attendance email, that is okay, but please note that LEDs do not have the ability to clear absences. 

Medical/Dental Notes: When your student misses any amount of school for a doctor/dental appointment, it is beneficial to their attendance record to bring in an official medical note to the attendance desk.



Clearing Absences:


If your student is absent, please call the Attendance Hotline as soon as possible each day your student is absent (unless you have previously provided a range for multiple days). Clearing absences can be done via the Attendance Email as well. 


A student is considered truant 72 hours after an absence if D39C Attendance does not receive a call or email from a parent/legal guardian to excuse the absence.




Excessive Absences and Truancies


The law in California regarding compulsory school attendance for minors is very specific and carries penalties for both parents and minors for failure to comply with these regulations. The process is explained below with the purpose of providing full disclosure about the legal responsibility all parents have to make sure their children attend school on time, every day. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to provide your children with the finest education.


  • Excessive Excused Absences: 
    • 12 full-day excused absences in one school year are considered excessive.  Parents will receive a letter from the school office as notification.  16 absences will trigger a 2nd letter, and 20 will trigger a 3rd.
  • Truancy:
    • 3 truancies (unexcused absences) in one school year will trigger a letter home. 
    • 6 truancies will trigger a 2nd letter, and 9 will trigger a 3rd.


Copies of the above letters are sent to the district’s Student Attendance and Discipline office. Students with truancies or excessive excused absences will be referred to a Student Attendance Review Team. This team is comprised of Poway Unified School District personnel and works with the student and parents to eliminate attendance problems and issues appropriate disciplinary measures.




Late Arrivals/Tardy (arriving after 9:10 a.m.):


If your student is arriving late to school due to an appointment or for any other reason, please do the following:


  • Accompany your student to the office, and sign them in at the Attendance desk.
  • Call and leave a message on the Attendance hotline
  • Or email the Attendance email to notify D39C Attendance that your student will be late. 


All students need to check in with Attendance when they are late. 
Parents may not excuse tardies which occur between classes during the school day. 
If you or your student believe a tardy was given incorrectly, please notify D39C Attendance.




Early Release from School:


***Please be prepared to show your identification when checking your child out of school early. Students cannot be released without proper identification to ensure student safety. Student safety is our number one priority.


Students must be signed out at the Attendance desk before departing early. Students will wait in the Welcome Center for their parent or legal guardian.


If you are aware that your student requires an early release from school, please contact the Attendance Hotline or Attendance Email at least 24 hours prior to the date of early release. For same day early release, please contact the Welcome Center directly at 858-676-6639 and speak with us live.


If your student will be returning to school after an early release, they are required to be signed back in at the Attendance Desk before returning to class.


NOTE: We are not able to guarantee last minute requests for early release. Your patience & understanding is appreciated. 

Please make all same day early release requests prior to 10:00 a.m. When planning for an early release, please note your student’s schedule (MiM, Lunch, X-Ploration Day, etc.). Being proactive will allow us to work together to reduce delays in having your student ready for early release, and minimize interruptions to the classroom.


Regarding Lunch: Unexpected early release requests during lunch are typically delayed as it requires us to work with our Motion Managers to locate a student and a student will still need to retrieve their things before they can arrive in the Welcome Center for release. Our lunches take place between 11:50 a.m. - 1:10 p.m. on regular school days.


***If you receive a call from our Wellness Center to pick your student up early due to illness or injury, your student will wait in the Wellness Center until you arrive to sign them out. Please notify the front desk when you arrive that you are picking up a student from the Wellness Center. 


Attendance is also vital for school funding, and any absences reduce the funding the school receives from the state (unless the student is on an Off-Campus Independent Study Contract [OCIS]). 
  • If there is a planned extended absence, please reach out to Sherri Habel at least two weeks prior to the absence to set up a homework contract.
  • An OCIS contract allows your student to complete missed work and helps the school to continue to be funded by the state.
  • Absences accumulated while on an OCIS Homework Contract do NOT count toward a student's absence total (unless the student does not complete all assignments before returning to school),
Sherri Habel
Sherri Habel